July 12, 2020


Thinking Magento

Magento - Prevent Tier / Special Priced Products Discounted By Sales Rules

So, we've all been here and we've all come to the same conclusion so far.

Within the sales rules you need to specify the products that have a special price should be ignored. This is all well and good until the sale item is no longer on sale and the special price still exists on the product.

Specifying Special From and To Dates, would be the obvious answer, however these dates are fixed, rather than being able to specify todays date.

So, we've updated the SalesRule_Validator to compare the price of the product in the cart, to the original product price.

This will work for products including tax and products excl tax rates.

Download the file and upload it to your server. No more fiddling with Sales Rules.

Download Here

As per usual, always test this on a backup server. This particular Validator.php file is from 1.7x