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Convert Guest Customers To Registered Accounts

Installation and Troubleshooting Conver Module

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### Place Files On The Server ###

Connect via FTP or SFTP to your server

Place the files in the corresponding directories on your server so you end up with

  • app/code/community/
  • app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/
  • app/etc/modules/

### Refresh Magento Cache ###

  • FLUSH Magento Cache - System > Cache Management
  • Log out and back in
  • New menu will appear in the admin main menu Customers > Register Guest Customers
  • New configuration menu will appear in System > Configuration > Customers > Guest Registration Settings


  • Enable Registration Of Past Customers - (Past orders with checkout method “Guest” will be converted to registered customers or added to existing accounts through the cronjob at 100 every 20 minutes)
  • Enable Auto Registration After Checkout - (Automatically register every “Guest” checkout as “Registered” once the customer arrives on the success page)
  • Automatically register every “Guest” checkout as “Registered” - (Let the customer decide to register after checkout, a button to create an account appears on the success page)
  • Add Shipping Address to Address Book - Most recent shipping address will be added to the customer address book
  • Sign up to Newsletter - Automatically add customer to newsletter subscription

Manually Convert All Existing Customers

  • Place ManualOldOrders.php into your root directory
  • System > Configuration > Register Guest Customers - Enable Cron Convert (Automatically begins converting customers, but only 300 every 20 minutes)
  • 300 customers will be converted at a time
  • Continue to reload the browser until all customers have been converted to registered accounts


Error - Configuration page displays 404 not found


  • Log out and back in again


v 4.0.7

  • Merge Customer Wishlist Fix

v 4.0.6

  • Error in Admin controller

v 4.0.5

  • Error in Cron.php file

v 4.0.2

  • Gender added to conversion
  • Tax / VAT added to conversion

v 4.0.1

  • EN and FR language packs added
  • Downloadable product support
  • New Feature - Newsletter signup
  • New Feature - Use latest shipping address
  • Shipping addess added to customer address book from new orders (if doesn't match the billing address)