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Magento Cron Job

Now the cronjob is probably the most overlooked factor when it comes to setting up your Magento store. The cronjob is responsible for the following;

  • Sending out product email alerts
  • Updating your catalog flat catalog each evening - these are your prices rules
  • Removing expired quotes from customers baskets
  • Updating your currencies
  • Sending out newsletters
  • Updating your google sitemap
  • The cronjob can also be utilised in future addons such as auto cancelling orders, cleaning out tables and expiring RMA's.

The wiki on how to setup the cronjob can be found below and it really depends on your server configuration and if you are able to set it up. Cpanel and plesk environments make this a very easy job, however both can be resource hog platforms when it comes to dealing with a Magento store.

So don't forget to get your developer or host to setup your cronjob for you. It will make the difference between a store that is becoming a black hole of expired quotes and a smooth running store.