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Tracking Import Module

Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting Tracking Import Module

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### Place Files On The Server ###

Connect via FTP or SFTP to your server

Place the files in the corresponding directories on your server so you end up with

  • app/code/community/
  • app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/
  • app/etc/modules/

### IF Compilation is Enabled ###

  • Navigate to - System > Tools > Compiler
  • Rebuild Compilation

### Refresh Magento Cache ###

  • FLUSH Magento Cache - System > Cache Management
  • Log out and back in
  • A new configuration menu will appear under the sales tab System > Configuration > Tracking Import
  • A new menu will appear in Sales > Import Tracking


An example csv is included

Settings for delimiter and enclosure need to be set


  • Itemenclosure
  • delimiter ,
  • e-mail customer yes
  • dispatch by order no.
  • skip first row no
  • final order status complete
  • invoice during import no
  • capture money during invoice no
  • tracking grid orders to display complete
  • import order/invoice column 0
  • import tracking number column 1
  • import carrier column 2
  • enable cron based import no
  • local cron import directory shipment
  • enable ftp download no

The carrier column is the code used to lookup the carrier in Magento Codes are as follows by default and can be used when importing a CronJob based CSV file

  • ups
  • fedex
  • dhlint
  • usps

If you wish to use Magentos custom value. Write a custom value in the carrier column.

If you are using the Full version, you can set up a profile for import on a per carrier basis. This means you no longer need to include the carrier in your csv file.

Set your default carrier in auto import configuration, this will be used if the carrier column is left blank in the csv file for the auto imports. You can also set the carrier column as blank in the configuration and it will use the default carrier for imports.

You can now choose to skip the first row, this is the headings row

Upload file and if all goes correctly, the tracking will be imported and or shipments will be created with tracking.

For CRON imports,

in directory var/import/ create a directory named shipment within var/import and within the shipment directory create another directory named imported so that you get the following file structure



ERROR - Everything has imported correctly, but no orders have updated with tracking numbers

This error is due to the way that your CSV has saved. Open your CSV in either notepad or text edit and you should see that all of your data is saved on a single line, rather than individual lines.


  • Windows; in Excel make sure you save your CSV as CSV (Comma Delimited).
  • Mac; in Excel make sure you save your CSV as only “Windows Comma Separated (.csv)”. (“Comma Separated Values (.csv)” or the “MS DOS csv” options do NOT work)
  • Your profile columns in the configuration do not match your CSV file. Make sure that they are numerical e.g. Order Number Column by default is 0. 0 is the first column on a CSV.

Error - After import, my imported orders have no status

This error is because the Import Status has been set to blank in the configuration


  • Go to System > Configuration > Tracking Import
  • Set Import Status as “Complete” or a custom status such as “Dispatched”

Error - Fatal error: Call to a member function toOptionArray() app/code/core/mage/adminhtml/block/system/config/form.php on line 463

- This error is due to the changes made to Magento core in version 1.7 for the carrier DHL.


  • Go to System > Configuration > Shipping Methods
  • Resave configuration

Error - Orders without tracking numbers in my CSV also had the tracking numbers imported

This error is because the module will dispatch the orders even if they do no have a tracking number. The tracking number can be added at a later date


  • Remove orders that you do not wish to update from your CSV

Error - Displays white page or goes to 500 server error (not all orders have been updated)

This error is either a timeout error, php_memory error or a server memory error.


  • Check the server error_log for the exact error.
  • “Timeout error / Max Execution Error” Try increasing your PHP timeout settings or increase your PHP processing memory in either php.ini or .htaccess
  • “Tried to allocate xx bytes” - Try increasing your PHP processing memory in either php.ini or .htaccess
  • “Premature end of script headers” - Server memory has been exhausted and it's terminated the import script. You may need to restart apache or increase server memory

Error - Configuration page displays 404 not found


  • Log out and back in again

Error - Notice: Undefined offset: 6 This error is because the carrier field is blank.


  • For Lite & Full - Include the head rows
  • For Full - Update to the latest version by e-mailing


v 21.0.8

  • Change to allow shipment if order still needs to be invoice (broken by 21.0.7)

v 21.0.7

  • Skip orders that have all products refunded

v 21.0.0

  • Export additional fields functionality added

v 20.1.2

  • Ability to create shipments from the tracking grid
  • Fix possibility of shipping_name being ambiguous on the tracking grid

v 20.0.0

  • User defined profiles in System / Configuration